Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can it be true?!

If this is true, I am moving to Portland!

"Many cities and counties have outlawed polystyrene foam (i.e. Taiwan, Portland, OR, and Orange County, CA)." *

polystyrene foam is the fancy name for that heinous stuff we call styrofoam!



Regina said...

You'd pick rainy Portland over sunny California huh?


Well, I thought Portland would probably be cheaper. And I will be able to verify that they truely don't have styrofoam when we visit this summer :)

The Bright Side said...

YES!!! I love it! Hey, maybe its a movement. You could write our state reps to be on your side and then you wont have to move! :)

Mandy said...

I told you we were going to love Portland and the no styrofoam thing seals the deal.

marie said...

Yes it's the Value Village by you. Make sure you stop in on a day other than Thursday to get your discount card - they don't issue them on Thursdays.

I also got a little tunic for Charlotte and a really nice handbag for me. A couple weeks ago I got a Kate Spade tote bag for about $3.00!

I love that store!!