Sunday, May 3, 2009

A 5k, a pedicure and the swine flu

So I completed my first ever 5k on Saturday. Thankfully the weather (that was supposed to be rainy all day) stayed merely overcast and was a very pleasant temperature. I am satisfied with the time I finished the race in, not because it was fast, but because it was almost exactly the time I had set as my goal.

On Sunday, as a part of our Tres de Mayo celebration (May 5 wasn't as convenient a day for a party), some friends and I treated ourselves to a pedicure... it was glorious. And since I was already shaking things up this weekend (5k races and pedicures are not a normal part of my life), I decided to go with a spectacularly bold color nail polish.

I also saw my first masked person on Sunday. I had already seen pictures of people online wearing medical masks to protect themselves from the swine flu - but most of them were in Mexico. Sunday afternoon, however, I saw a masked person at Target in Glen Burnie. It was weird and a bit creepy.

And because I don't want to end my post with the swine flu, here is a picture of my fun, freshly pampered feet :)


marie said...

Love the color!

marie said...

Whoops....good job on the 5K too!