Monday, May 4, 2009

Charlotte Capades

Here are some of Charlotte's not so uncommon escapades. Please forgive the poor picture quality - they were all taken on my cell phone and some were taken very quickly.

Climbing through her play seat to escape the living room and reach that power cord

Eating everything - including the handle on the wicker chest

Sneaking around the back of the chair to get the lamp cord

Climbing my computer bag to reach something on the rocking chair

Working on the computer

Climbing a very unstable bag of mega bloks to reach the lamp

Sneaking around the back of the table to reach the lamp worked better

Sweet success :)


Mandy said...

She's so funny...and sneaky. I really love that last one of her.

marie said...

That's my girl! She's so resourceful and creative and cute too!

Regina said...

These pictures are fantastic! Go Charlotte go!